Dear Blue Hose family,


It’s been exactly one year since I was named the Head Coach here at Presbyterian College and after taking a moment to reflect on these last 365 days, I just want to say THANK YOU!  This has been one of the most eventful and most thrilling years of our lives!


There are so many people we want to personally thank:


Our players and their fight to find a way to succeed through so many challenges and compete and represent our program and College with such class and dignity!


Our TEAM Managers!!  We have an extraordinary and dedicated staff of managers that are hard at it all the time. We sincerely appreciate you and all the hard work you did!   Lanisha Brown, Zeke Hayes, Harrison Burton, and Preston Medlin – you all are awesome!


Our incredible coaching staff!  Tommy Brown, Frank Young, and Patrick Moynihan pour their hearts into helping our student-athletes on and off the court and have done a great job in the community as well!


The people who bring that "good old spirit" to the games like our Cheerleaders and the Band.


PC Basketball Season Ticket Holders, our most ardent supporters for your consistent support of the program over the years.


PC Students, our most important constituents! And our PC alumni who cheer on the Tartan family!  Also, so thankful for so many Basketball Letterman who have been so supportive through messages, practices, and games.


Our facility and maintenance staff, especially Mr. Scott, Mrs. B., and “Big Show” who not only make Templeton Gym a quality place to come to everyday but also for their camaraderie and daily support!


Our AD, Danny Sterling and his staff of Dee Nichols, Megan Whitaker, Simon Whitaker, Bill Stanton, Sherry Medlin, Scott Bunting, and Jacob Griffith. Such enthusiastic support and resourcefulness!


Our President, Bob Staton, who has done a tremendous job of continuing the transformation of Presbyterian College into a great place that's become an easy sell to future Blue Hose!


Our athletic trainer, Nelson Jones, and his staff, who all sacrifice their time and effort to help our student-athletes be healthy and be on the court through many hours of rehab and work on their bodies.


Our strength coach, Ryan Groneman and his staff, who spend hours upon hours helping our student-athletes get stronger physically and mentally to compete at this level. 


Our outstanding PC faculty & Staff who teach & support our student athletes and help them succeed.


The community of Clinton, Laurens, and the Upstate region for your support, encouragement, and pride in PC and our athletic department.


Our fellow PC coaches and teams, who cheer on the Tartan family and support each other through huge wins but also through difficult losses!


Our Corporate Sponsors and Partners who believe in what we're building and all of its vast potential.


Lastly, my wife Brittany, daughter Emory, and newborn son Riggs for their continuous love and support.  Brittany is a “All Star” wife and mother!  They are the ultimate team and seeing how much my daughter loves PC and how welcome Brittany and I feel into the PC family has been so refreshing!


As you can see, a successful College Basketball Program requires a lot of coordinated effort from a lot more people than just the players and coaching staff. We know for our program to achieve the level of national success that we aspire to, requires a community effort! We hope to see even more people having fun being a part of the process of building this team.  It’s one more reason to be a proud Blue Hose!


Students, alumni, individuals, small groups, large groups, corporate groups, non-profit groups, church groups, media, you name it, there's room for everyone and we greatly appreciate all of you!


We want to make PC basketball games "the place to be" and "the place to be seen!"


Great people, plus great effort, plus great support, make this fun!  


Retweet and follow @BlueHoseHoops and @BlueHoseSports to help grow the movement!


See you next season and as always #takethestairs!