CLINTON, S.C. – The Presbyterian College football team sits at its halfway point in spring practice, having completed seven practices with seven more to go before the team’s Spring Game on April 22. We caught up with head coach Tommy Spangler to get his thoughts on practice thus far.

On the focus for spring practice

“I would say the big thing has been improving in a lot of different ways as an individual. The focus has been improving on fundamentals, technique, assignment and those types of things. We have done a lot of drill work and schematically kept things pretty simple because we are trying to hone in on the fundamental aspects of playing good football.

“We are really trying to mold this thing and right now we are just a ball of clay that we are trying to form into something. The attitude has been good from the kids. They understand that there is change. We have changed the way we have done some things, even though we had done some things was good. There is always a way to do things a little bit better. So far, though, I have been pleased the attitude and the work ethic.

On the mentality at this point in spring practice

“For us, it’s one practice at a time, one meeting at a time, one drill at a time and one period at a time. Ultimately, we are just trying to improve because we all need to get better. That goes back to the overall focus of each individual getting better, developing his craft and keeping his attitude and effort good. If we can do that then I think we will be better as a football team.

“We are not going to get this thing fixed overnight but I do see some progress in the way we are trying to go about our business. There are some moments where I am pleased and there are some moments where I’m not pleased but I’m not going to get too up or down. We just have to keep working.”

On finishing spring practice strong

“It’s kind of easy to start because everybody is fresh and eager. It’s a new head coach, a new beginning and a fresh start. But we can sustain that at the midway point and finish? There needs to be some carry because the things we are doing now are going to have a direct impact in the fall.  It matters and we need have some carry over in to the summer and in to the fall and in to next season.

“That’s the importance of spring ball. It’s a time to get a feel of who are some guys that didn’t play much last year that can count on. By that same token, the guys that did play a bunch last year have to get better. We just have to get better and that’s what we are trying to focus on right now.”

PC starts a stretch of three straight days of practice on Thursday afternoon with a full-pad workout. The Blue Hose will be in shorts for the third and final time on Friday, before scrimmaging for the second time on Saturday morning. PC will then have four practices left before the Spring Game on April 22 at 11 a.m. at Bailey Memorial Stadium.