Clinton, S.C. – The Presbyterian College football team held its ninth practice of the spring season. April 14 will be the end of spring practice. The Blue Hose will not be having a traditional Spring Game this season but they do encourage all the fans to come out and support them on April 14 as the practice will include 11 on 11 drills. We caught up with coach Tommy Spangler to get his thoughts on spring practice to this point.

On the team’s mentality:

“I love it. You know we are sitting here with a little over 40 guys; three months ago, two months ago I did not even know how we were going to be able to field a practice, much less nine of them like we have. However, we really have not run practice any differently than normal. Now we have had to give them a few more breaks in the action so to speak in between series because we only have one group of secondary guys, one group of offensive lineman and just a few receivers. We have had to convert a few other position guys to play receiver.”

“These guys have not flinched, they have been so awesome as far as coming out here and working and not saying ‘hey, we don’t have the numbers, why are we working?’ We really have worked harder than I think we ever have and for that I am proud.”

“The coaches have done an outstanding job of keeping the guys upbeat. You have to realize that these 42 guys have made a decision to play football for Presbyterian College. When you make that kind of commitment then most of the intangibles are there, they are going to work. I am not saying we have had a perfect spring, we have a long way to go and we know the issue, we don’t have very much depth. We are going to find some with these true freshmen we have coming in.”

“Overall, I think a lesser group of coaches, a lesser group of players, it would be hard to pull this off but so far they have done a great job.”

On the team’s focus this spring:

“We are dealing with 18, 19, 20-year old kids so we are hot and cold when it comes to focus, like it ought to be. I gave them the example today, I’m not sure that Villanova is as talented as other teams but its team has talent, it has focus, it prepares and it has that mentality and that is what we need to get. We are always working on focus and always trying to get sharper and better and so forth, we are a little inconsistent”

“Overall, these guys are continuing to get in the weight room too. Ryan Groneman has done a good job, the staff is in their working. When we aren’t practicing we are in there working as if it is practice so it has been a grinding three to three and a half weeks and we have about a week and a half left, but the focus is good but it can be better.”

The key to finishing spring practice strong:

“We have to just evaluate day by day where we are, be real with where we are and where we want to get to, knowing that it is spring. We don’t have a game that we are getting ready for in a couple of weeks. As long as they are focused and continuing to try and develop their talent and get better and play with a lot of intensity and heart but at the same time develop their fundamentals. That is what we have to do, it is one day at a time you come out here and try to improve. Some days your body won’t cooperate but that is when you develop your mental toughness and keep pushing.”