Brian Reese, PC’s director of athletics, has been named the next director of athletics at Lander University in Greenwood effective Jan. 17. Reese, who joined PC in 2010, led PC’s athletics program through the transition in NCAA status from Division II to Division I. President Bob Staton commented that, “Under Brian’s leadership, our student athletes have performed well academically and have conducted themselves with class on the athletic field.”

Throughout his time at the College, Reese has played an important role as a member of PC’s leadership team. As a resident of Clinton, he has been an active member of the PC, Clinton, and Laurens County communities. Showing his commitment to PC’s students, Reese and his wife have served as advisers to the Catholic Student Association for the past seven years. Staton said, “Although we hate to see Brian leave PC, we recognize that this is a new and promising professional opportunity for him and we wish him all the best in his new position.”

The transition plan at Presbyterian College calls for the school to identify an interim director of athletics to serve while a national search for the next director of athletics is underway. Until the interim AD is named, the leadership team in athletics will report to Staton.