The Presbyterian College Acrobatics and Tumbling team and head coach Amber King have been making weekly trips to the Thornwell School to teach some of their girls about one of PC’s newest sport with some first-hand experience.


“Amber King reached out to Thornwell and asked if they could incorporate the girls on our campus into what they do,” said Everett Conaway of Thornwell. “The girls here enjoy spending time with the athletes. The positive attitudes and encouragement from the PC students our girls to try things they did not realize they could do.”


King’s commitment to service is part of the foundation of her program. “I always want to strive to have a team that serves,” King commented. “We have no idea the impact we will have on this side of eternity, but all we can do is offer our talents and service to help or encourage others when we can.”


For at least one student-athlete, the opportunity to volunteer in the Clinton community was part of the reason they became a Blue Hose. “I thought it was really cool that PC students have the opportunity to do good in the community without even having to travel far off of campus,” said Andey Reynolds. “When Coach Amber suggested the idea of the team going [to Thornwell] all together,” Reynolds continued, “I really was excited to go because I love spending time with kids and getting to teach them the sport that I love really sounded like a great opportunity.”


“You never know what a person is going through, so I love being able to put a smile on someone’s face,” said Nicole Crean. “It motivates me to go out and do things that I never thought I would be able to do. Seeing the joy they have while we are there makes me want to go out and continue to serve others more.”


“Young people need individuals who are willing to invest in them and help them to see their potential,” concluded Conaway. “The enthusiasm and positive influence that students from PC have shared on this campus has, no doubt, had more impact on the lives of our youth than the PC students could ever realize.”