Opening Statement from Presbyterian Head Coach Harold Nichols

"In the first half we had, I think, one first down. You can't compete with a team like Charlotte if you don't have any more offensive success than that. Give credit to Charlotte's defensive front seven because they were tough to block and did a really nice job of shutting down our running game. We had a hard time protecting the passer when we did try to throw. It was just a really frustrating day offensively."

Nichols on the second half efforts

"We did some decent things in the second half, but obviously not enough to impact the game. Defensively, we got some good things going, but it just wasn't enough. Charlotte is a big physical football team and they will definitely win their fair share of games. They're a very talented group, and it was a big challenge for us to come up and play this team."

On tailback Darrell Bridges

"He's big; he's a good player. He's got to be a guy that we rely on to make plays in the running game. There just wasn't a whole lot of room for him to do that in the first half. Charlotte really got after us. We're going to play other defensive teams down the stretch, so if we don't figure that out, we're going to be in trouble moving the football. Darrell's a big, good guy, but today, it wouldn't have helped much. They're really stout and that front seven are just very, very good."

On the defense

"We got some pressure on their quarterback and we had a hard time getting there before. Putting pressure on the quarterback is a big thing, but when you do that, you sometimes end up leaving yourself on the back end. Consistently, we gave up too many big plays in the throwing game and didn't get home with the rush and pass. They [Charlotte] have some very talented wide-outs."