Presbyterian College varsity athletics are founded on the value of team and individual sports as being an integral part of the educational process.  Profoundly based on the ideal of being students first and athletes second, varsity participants are granted no special privileges and must meet the academic, admission, and other requirements of the college. The purpose of Presbyterian College varsity athletics is to provide for those students who desire an opportunity to participate in varsity sports within a wholesome atmosphere, which strives for optimum and spirited performances within the context of good sportsmanship, Christian attitudes, and in compliance with all Federal, State, NCAA, Big South, and College rules and regulations.

The mission of the Presbyterian College Department of Athletics is to serve the College by producing winning teams for all sports and graduating alumni who are:  Men and women of character; Proud of their athletic experience and their alma mater; Committed to a lifetime of service to their families and communities thereby becoming productive members of society.

Presbyterian College will have the premier small college athletic program in the state of South Carolina. Our athletes, coaches and staff will represent the College, locally, regionally, and nationally as having achieved excellence as evidenced by championship teams, high quality athletic facilities, outstanding sportsmanship, and superior academic achievement.  The Presbyterian College Athletic Department will develop and sustain a fun, warm and wholesome atmosphere for our coaches, staff, athletes, fans and supporters.

The purpose of the Presbyterian College Department of Athletics is to serve the College by:  recruiting, coaching, and graduating academically and athletically talented students; hiring and retaining highly competent and caring coaches who are committed to their athletes achieving excellence both on the field, in the classroom, and on the campus; providing first-class athletic facilities and resources that support practice, competitions, and the coaching staffs in a manner congruent with the needs, means and vision of the College.