There were a couple of firsts today for the Presbyterian College football team as the Blue Hose practiced in the afternoon instead of the evening and in shoulder pads.

Head Coach Harold Nichols, as with the rest of the team, endured the heat and sun and had a couple of things to say on the matter.

"One thing you just have to overcome is the heat.  We went out there and the sun was shining and the humidity was high; we had to just push through it.  It's going to be hot on Sept. 3.  I was proud of the kids and how they fought through it."

"I'm also proud of the way the kids ran around today with the shoulder pads on.  The game is played with the helmets and shoulder pads so I was proud of how the guys came together out there today.  We were able to do some more things fundamentally that incorporates form tackling and some of those types of things.  We got a lot accomplished today."

Coach Nichols spoke after practice about how the little things are a focus right now in the early part of practice.

"Coach Varn is a stickler for the little things and the fundamentals of playing those positions.  But I think that goes across the board with everybody.  I think that if we're going to be any good as a football team this year we've got to be fundamentally sound, and it kind of starts on days like today."

Coach Nichols spent a lot of time working on the special teams and the long snapper at today's practice.

"It's one of the question marks we have to work on during the preseason.  Who's going to be the long snapper, who's going to be the short snapper?  We've got a lot of candidates there and we'll find out who is going to be our starter by the end of camp."

Now that the kids are in shoulder pads the offensive and defensive lines were able to battle it out on the field a little bit this afternoon.  It looked like the offensive line held their own against a veteran defensive line.

"The offensive line held their own today.  Some of those guys have grown and matured a bit and you can start to see that a little bit in those types of drills they were doing today.  It's still early in the preseason but I'm proud of some of their effort level."

Practice continues Sunday, Aug. 7, at 6:45 p.m.