Starting practice at 6:30 p.m. due to summer school exams turned out to be a blessing as the Presbyterian College football team avoided heavy rains which swept through the area in the afternoon.

The Blue Hose went from 6:30 to around 8:30 in what Coach Nichols considered a good day of practice.

"I think day two was just as good.  We're probably a little bit better than yesterday.  I think on that first day some of the young guys' heads were still spinning a bit, but today they picked up the pace of practice and on things we expect of them in terms of drills and team activities.  I thought all that went well and we had a good spirit and energy tonight."

Coach Nichols didn't try to add any new elements on the second day.

"We just continued our installation of offense and defense.  These first days there's a lot mentally that's on them; you're just trying to introduce them to the expectations of practice as far as tempo and that type of thing.  So, that's what I was expecting coming out here and I think the kids did a nice job."

The football team will practice on Saturday at 2:45 with a new element, shoulder pads.

"You're in a five-day acclamation period and so we'll get them in shorts and shoulder pads tomorrow.  That's another element in trying to get the kids used to the temperature and another piece of padding.  We'll get into full pads next week and continue in our journey.

PC kicks off the season Sept. 3 against Wofford at 1:30 p.m.. Fans can obtain tickets by contacting the ticket office at 864-833-8240 or e-mailing Sherry Medlin at