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Staff Directory

Name, Position Phone Email
Athletics   Return To Top
Brian Reese, Director of Athletics 864-833-8242
James Downer, Associate Director of Athletics 864-833-8253
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Nelson Jones, Director of Sports Medicine 864-833-7097
Sean Berberich, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864-833-7124
Adam Hager, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864-833-8256
Christine Hess, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864-833-7131
Tara Shelley, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864-938-3755
Juan Lopez, Intern Athletic Trainer 864-833-7098
Lauren Wesner, Intern Athletic Trainer 864-833-7098
Sports Information   Return To Top
Simon Whitaker, Associate Director of Athletics for Sports Information and Game Operations 864-833-8252
Ryan Real, Assistant Director of Sports Information 864-833-7095
Madeline Williams, Media Relations Assistant
Compliance   Return To Top
Dee Nichols, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance/SWA 864-833-8254
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Ryan Groneman, Head Coach 864-833-7111
Adam Kohl, Assistant Head Coach 864-833-7111
Academic Services   Return To Top
Megan Trimpe, Academic Services Coordinator 864-833-7117
Tickets   Return To Top
Sherry Medlin, Ticket Manager/Administrative Assistant 864-833-8240
Broadcasting   Return To Top
Eric Thacker, Coordinator of Broadcast Services 864-833-7133
Baseball   Return To Top
Elton Pollock, Head Baseball Coach 864-833-8236
Mark Crocco, Assistant Coach 864-833-7134
Jamie Serber, Assistant Coach 336-407-2712
Tristan Toorie, Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Gregg Nibert, Head Coach 864-833-8245
Pierre Miller, Assistant Coach 864-833-7125
John Reynolds, Assistant Coach 864-833-7129
Steve Roberts, Assistant Coach 864-822-8249
Men's Cross Country   Return To Top
Thad Palmer, Head Coach 864-833-7118
Brian Trail, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Football   Return To Top
Harold Nichols, Head Coach 864-833-8247
Todd Varn, Associate Head Coach 864-833-8539
Tommy Spangler, Defensive Coordinator 864-833-7120
David Dunagan, Assistant Coach 864-833-7123
Mitch Hall, Assistant Coach 864-833-7116
Clay Hodges, Assistant Coach
Klay Killingsworth, Assistant Coach 864-833-7103
Eric Miller, Assistant Coach
Joey Orck, Assistant Coach
Brian Rucker, Assistant Coach 864-833-8246
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Thomas Addison, Head Coach 864-833-8537
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Bret Boulware, Head Coach 864-833-8255
Zach Sinkuler, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 864-833-7132
Tanner Osborne, Assistant Coach
Levi Bannerman, Manager
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Adam Herendeen, Dir. Of Tennis Operations 864-833-8250
Patrick Fediuk, Assistant Coach
Grayson Mills, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Ronny Fisher, Head Coach 864-833-8248
Chris Harris, Assistant Coach 864-833-7092
Kat Kundmueller, Assistant Coach 864-833-7119
Brianna Knott, Team Manager
Shinitra Russell, Team Manager
Women's Cross Country   Return To Top
Thad Palmer, Head Coach 864-833-7118
Brian Trail, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Kasay Holbrook, Head Coach
Women's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Robert Dachille, Head Coach 864-833-8518
Kelsey Dlugos, Assistant Coach 864-833-8303
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Brian Purcell, Head Coach 864-833-8327
Sarah Beth Palmer, Assistant Coach 678-457-1835
Softball   Return To Top
Britne Stubbs, Head Coach 864-833-7091
Chelsea Butler, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 864-833-8244
Garrett Furnal, Assistant Coach 864-833-8192
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Catherine Dunagan, Head Coach 864-833-8251
Patrick Fediuk, Assistant Coach
Volleyball   Return To Top
Korrinn Burgess, Head Coach 864-833-8538
Kalin Zimmerman, Assistant Coach 864-833-7135
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Cindy Langley, Head Coach 864-915-5425