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Name, Position Phone Email
Athletics   Return To Top
Brian Reese, Director of Athletics 864-833-8242
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Wesley Bell, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864.833.7124
Adam Hager, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864.833.8256
Christine Hess, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864.833.7131
Sara Spencer, Assistant Athletic Trainer 864.938.3755
Layne Jackson, Intern Athletic Trainer 864.833.7098
Aaron Miller, Intern Athletic Trainer 864.833.7098
Compliance   Return To Top
Dee Nichols, Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance/SWA 864-833-8254
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Ryan Groneman, Head Coach 864-833-7111
Adam Kohl, Assistant Head Coach 864-833-7111
Tickets   Return To Top
Sherry Medlin, Ticket Manager/Administrative Assistant 864-833-8240
Baseball   Return To Top
Elton Pollock, Head Baseball Coach 864-833-8236
Mark Crocco, Assistant Coach 864-833-7134
Parker Bangs, Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Gregg Nibert, Head Coach 864-833-8245
John Reynolds, Assistant Coach 864-833-7129
Cassius Bosket, Assistant Coach
Bill Morosco, Assistant Coach 843.833.7125
Men's Cross Country   Return To Top
Thad Palmer, Head Coach 864-833-7118
Brian Trail, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Football   Return To Top
Tommy Spangler, Head Coach 864-833-7120
Todd Varn, Associate Head Coach 864-833-8539
David Dunagan, Assistant Coach 864-833-7123
Mitch Hall, Assistant Coach 864-833-7116
Clay Hodges, Assistant Coach
Roland Matthews, Assistant Coach
Adam Mims, Assistant Coach
Joey Orck, Assistant Coach
Kyle Pope, Assistant Coach
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Thomas Addison, Head Coach 864-833-8537
Men's Soccer   Return To Top
Jonathan Potter, Head Coach 864.833.8255
Flo Liu, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
Jonathan Lagos, Assistant Coach
Jess Glasgow, Manager
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Patrick Fediuk, Head Coach
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Todd Steelman, Head Coach 864-833-8248
Courtney Anderson, Assistant Coach 864.200.8337
Megan Buckland, Assistant Coach 864.337.2073
Women's Cross Country   Return To Top
Thad Palmer, Head Coach 864-833-7118
Brian Trail, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Kasay Holbrook, Head Coach
Women's Lacrosse   Return To Top
Bob Dachille, Head Coach 864-833-8518
Women's Soccer   Return To Top
Brian Purcell, Head Coach 864-833-8327
Tanner Osborne, Assistant Coach
Softball   Return To Top
Britne Stubbs, Head Coach 864-833-7091
Chelsea Butler, Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 864-833-8244
Kyle Gross, Assistant Coach 864-833-8192
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Catherine Dunagan, Head Coach 864-833-8251
Volleyball   Return To Top
Korrinn Burgess, Head Coach 864-833-8538
Nick Highley, Assistant Coach 864.833.7135
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Cindy Langley, Head Coach 864-915-5425